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kddub 11-04-2012 11:14 AM

Need Hair Help/ Advice!!!
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I have stopped straightening my hair, got it cut to my chin, and have been doing the curly girl routine since February, so for 9 months. I have colored my hair twice in those months time. My routine is I wash with conditioner, usually suave coconut, or suave something. Then I deep condition with Generic Biolage deep conditioning. I rinse that out, put in Kinky curly knot today- leave in, and rinse with cold water, a little. Then I put in curl keeper and garnier fructis pure clean gel. I plop, and diffuse. My hair is two different textures, fine on top and coarse underneath. I literally have not worn my hair down curly at all. I put it up or wear a headband. It dries so weird. The underneath front hair doesn't curl up as much, and so looks like different lengths in the back. I can't wear it down- Because this is what it looks like down!!! (see picts below)

So my questions are- do I just need a hair cut? What other products should I try? Any other suggestions??? Thanks so much in advance!!!

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