HELP! Protective styling?

Ok So I have serious hands in hair syndrome...I was never one to NOT play with my hair whether it's curly , straight or even out of my face...i would take it down just to play with a strand or two...
Ad I KNOW my hair is growing I see the roots are SUPER curly buuuuut I can NEVER really see the growth. I want to know if there is anything I can really do. The only protective style my hair is good at being in is a bun..and now even that is a hassle for me because my ends are still out and visible and my hair is too thick to brush back so it kind of has to be a messy bun/topknot.
Like my profile picture.
I REALLY want my hair to grow to mid back. and I'm being very patient but I cant seem to find a protective style I like and looks good on me or even stays... Twist never stay twisted and if i were to do plaits or braids my hair ends up looking like Celie from the color purple once my hair dries. (THANKS SHRINKAGE.! )
And my hair knots kind of easily so that makes things worst...
I need help to figure out what might help my hair to grow and keep ends safe....My hair is 3b 3c varies..
Thank you!
The bun looks good on you! I had to bun for a long while before I was able to do much else with mine. But it helps trust me! Just pin the ends under. I'm also a fan of the flat twist. YouTube it. You can start from your scalp to your ends in one big twist and you can pin the end in a spiral on your head and much more.
Hang in there!
Mostly 3b with 3a and 3c underneath
Layered but mostly BSL (Hip length when straight)
Conditioner: As I am Cowash, OR Tresseme Naturals OR Shea Moisture Masque.

Style: KC Knot Today+ a TINY bit Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie.
2nd-6th day hair: Spritz with a mixture of Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil, and water.

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