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Hi curlies! Although I've browsed these boards for a while, this is my very first post! I am the mommy to two beautiful curly girls, age 2 and 4. They are biracial and I have straight hair, so although I've educated myself A LOT on how to care for their hair, I'm having a major problem w/ dandruff or just dry scalp on my four year old, who has 3c hair . I've noticed it's been worse lately, which defintely could be attributed to the changing weather, however I live in south florida, and outside of the past week, the weather really hasn't change too much (unfortunately lol). I've been using Shea Moisture products in her hair for about a year now. The only thing I've changed recently is I bought a bottle of Africas Best Herbal Oil to try on her hair as a sealant, but it seems pretty harmless. I've also been experiencing w/ diff condish - recently switched from Suave Almond & Shea Butter to Aussie Moist. I'm going to start weeding out products to see if any of them are causing it, but in the meantime, any suggestions on a dandruff shampoo that is SAFE for my curly girls hair? I made a mixture of olive and tea tree oil that I've been putting on her scalp lately, but it doesn't seem to help ANY suggestions would be helpful. I know I just buy a bottle of head and shoulders when I start getting a dry scalp/dandrfuff, but I'm hesitant to use that on her. Thank you in advance!!
Have you tried conditioner, tea tree oil, and rough sugar(turbinado/raw)? Mix it all up, and use it as a scrub. I do this about once a month, and it helps keep my dry scalp at bay!

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When is the last time you've clarified? It could be product buildup from the cones in the conditioner.
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Actually no. Right now I'm washing once a week w/ the Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo, which I guess is okay. Do you recommend any good drug store/Target clarifying shampoos?? I was thinking of trying the Kinky-Curly Come Clean, unless there's another more pocket friendly kind that works good!! lol
@Lexiecon, no, but that scrub sounds like it would be amazing!! I'll have to give it a shot!!
If it continues to get worse, maybe consider taking her to the dermatologist?

I have Seborrheic Dermatitis--dunno what age it started, but since elementary school. I've gotten lots of meds, but since starting my natural journey I've been looking up lots of natural and/or sulfate-free alternatives, because many medicated shampoos are so drying. Two things I've found:

1) Coconut oil has cleared dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis in many individuals Just do a quick search of coconut oil +dandruff or SD, and you'll find information. I've just been applying it to my scalp for a few days--not sure if it's working yet, but we'll see
2) Jason Natural Dandruff Relief Shampoo. I read that it was sulfate free. Maybe this is a changed formula, I'm not sure anymore that it is, but I do believe that it is at least a less harsh sulfate. I just ordered that--haven't tried it yet either, but it might be something to try.
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Your best bet is hot oil treatment as often as u wash if not often try to do one at least once a week. I like to mix my oils but u cant go wrong with evco evoo or castor oil. HTH

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