Gel is too hard, Mousse is too frizzy!

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Hi everyone,

I finally can manage my hair, but my problem is I want movable, soft curls. You know, like real hair, not like "ramen"!

Gel works best for me but makes my hair too hard, while mousse isn't enough for my hair and makes it clump or dry out.

What can I do? Please help!

Would wax work?
Are you scrunching out the crunch when you use gel?

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if i do, my hair just gets frizzy so i started just leaving it like that after it dried.

Maybe i was scrunching it too much?
Have you tried any curl cremes? They don't make hair hard. Curl Junkie makes a good one - CCCL.

If you find it doesn't give you enough hold, you could put a little gel on top, but it still won't be as crunchy as using gel by itself.

Please post back and let us know how you solved this issue.
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I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
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Thank you! I will look into a curl creme today when I am at the store and let everyone know how it works tonight!
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My hair likes the "jelly" products, gelatinous consistency, no chemicals. There are several in my signature. I do use leave in AND/OR curl enhancer under the jelly product (depending on the dew point.)

My hair is low porosity, so it takes a while for it to absorb product--but then it's usually soft and bouncy. I may have to scrunch a little to remove it from my scalp. I go from the underside and move my fingers through gently.
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Gels have various types of hold. You could try a lighter holding gel. I've found HETT to dry soft. CJCQ also is something I would call a soft hold but other women have written that they get crunchy hair with it. The jelly products Kathymac is talking about were some of the worst I had tried but that's not to say that they won't work for you. I'm sorry to tell you that the only way to find out is to try, everyones hair is different so you'll have to try different products to see. What are you using now and what have you tried?

Deiced how much you're willing to money and effort you're willing to spend and start experimenting! Thankfully anything expensive tends to go quickly on swaps, they're are also a great way to try something new. HTH
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Are you sectioning your hair or do you put it all in at once because that may be causing frizz if you put it all in at once.

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Curly Kinks Coil Jam is a great product in my hair and I'm also loving Shea Moisture Curling Souffle. They are both jelly-type products but that is what works to give me definition without a hard cast over my hair. A leave-in is a must for me though or they tend to stay a bit tacky all day. I'll use my leave-in on wet hair, apply the jelly, plop for 5-15 minutes, diffuse upside down to about 80% then flip right-side-up to adjust my part and apply a light-hold gel (I use CJ CIAB). That helps to keep the frizz under control and it's light enough that I don't have to scrunch. But I agree, it is something you'll have to experiment with to see what works for your hair. Even after figuring out what my hair likes it took time to determine which combos give me the look I want.
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New to Curltalk and the CG method (no-poo for ~3 mos), and I am so thankful for this forum and all the advice on products. I don't have my signature built yet, but I'm a solid 3a with fine and porous curls. My hair always craves moisture. I've just started using Re:coil and I absolutely love it! I use DC as a leave-in, Re:coil, and a little DC spray gel and I get gorgeous curls without much caste and no frizz. Yay!!!!!
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I just recently started doing the CG method, I've been getting my toes wet with it for about 2 months but finally dove all in. It's great.

I'm with you, I like soft and bouncy curls. My hair is 3A or 3B, with medium texture and porosity. I have been playing with Kinky Curly Curl Custard (KCCC) and KC Knot-Today and am loving it. I was having a problem with scrunching it out initially , but watched the manufacture's video to figure it out. My hair is crunchy while I let it dry, but once it's dry and I gently squish the crunch out my curls are soft and held together. I try not to do much scrunching from the bottom, more gentle squeezing - just enough to break the cast loose. It seems to work well.

I highly reccomend looking at videos for whatever product you use - I wasn't liking the KCKT and KCCC mix initially but when used how reccomended it's awesome!

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Hi, I've found that the Pantene gel for curly hair (I don't think it has an actual name or anything? it's the purple set of Pantene products with the swirls on it) seems to dry less crunchy than some of the others.
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