Coconut oil

Hey guys, I'm just barely beginning the process of leaving behind the shampoo, so I'm fairly clueless at the moment. I've read a lot about the benefits of coconut oil and I want to apply it to my hair and leave it on overnight, but would I use shampoo (sulfate-free?) to wash it all out so that my hair doesn't get greasy?

Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and once the hair is saturated, the remainder washes out quit easily. I prepoo with EVCO and cowashing or ACV removes the oil for me. I never have greasy hair from EVCO. Sulfate shampoo not required.

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Co washing removed all coconut and olive oil from my head. But I have heard people complaining about how many times they had to shampoo to get it all out. I think it depends what kind of coconut oil you are using. I use the purest form of coconut oil,free of any protein and this stuff is actually used for cooking. Very easily available in India

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I'm new also. I haven't used Coconut Oil yet. Though, I like EVOO. For me, baking soda works to get the oil out of my hair, followed by a lemon juice solution rinse. A property of baking soda is that it absorbs oil (cornstarch does too but I haven't heard anyone using that) & I only use a tablespoon or two of the baking soda through out my hair. (I learned on the forums that if you use baking soda, you need to follow with an acidic rinse.)
Make sure if you use it you get unrefined. The refined has no smell of coconuts and loses a lot of the good stuff. Trader joes has their own brand of unrefined in a glass jar and its cheap. A jar lasts us months even though I use it in my hair and skin an my baby's skin.

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I don't do CG. I use whatever shampoo and conditioner I have which is almost always garnier
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