HELP! my 3a went to a 2b after our move!

I thought my hair was just getting to heavy because it is pretty thick, it was down to my waist when wet and at my bra-line when dry and curly. My hair was frizzy and wasn't curling well, just sort of blah. I felt like it was just too long anyway, so I decided it was time for my yearly chop and I cut 10 inches off.

I was expecting my beautiful curls to just bounce... but my hair is so flat and I'm horrified! I'm more like a cross between a 2a and a 2b right now. HELP!!! Its just about Christmas and all the family photos are approaching, but I feel my hair looks awful!

I tried washing with a gallon of distilled water today to see if maybe it is the water? But it didn't seem to help. I moved from the midwest to WA. Please HELP!
I know you probably already survived your pictures, but I just saw this and saw no replies, so I wanted to offer a few ideas. The water is one potential- you might want to look for a cleanser or conditioner with EDTA to remove potential hard water buildup. If you now have softer water, you might want to try harder hold gel and/or products with magnesium sulfate (epsom salts), or make your own spray bottle with mag sulfate and water (plus or minus any other ingredients you might want to add).

It could also be related to a change in dew points. I suspect the dews in WA are very different from where you were living before. You might want to check out what you local dew point are and look into adjusting your routine based on that.

I'm sorry I couldn't help in time for the Christmas pics, but maybe you can at least have son awesome pics for the new year.

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