I need some life in my hair!

Recently my hair has been a bit flat and kinda blah. It used to have a nice little lift and curl at root, now it's straight for the first 3 inches or so from the root! I heard about different ways of plopping and clipping your hair but I'm still quite new to this stuff so could anyone elaborate? Someone else mentioned in another thread, that they found their hair feeling 'soft' almost like it's too soft to get any curl definition, would protein work even for low porosity hair? My hair generally doesn't like protein, so I'm wondering if it will just frizz up? Any other advice would be appreciated, thank you
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My hair is high porosity so I can't speak from experience, but it almost sounds as though your hair is overconditioned. Try posting again in the low porosity forum - hopefully someone who has similar experience will chime in.
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My fine/low porosity hair LOVES protein. For me, it tightens the curl and reduces frizz. If hair doesn't like protein, it usually makes it dry and strawlike--doesn't "frizz it up."
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I'm type 4 so flat roots are something I'll probably never experience but I do have lp strands. This past summer, I had my first experience with over conditioned hair (something I thought could NEVER happen with my hair since it can be do dry sometimes and I have to overnight prepoo after giving it a head start with a heat cap for moisture to really get inside my strands). My hair reacts violently to the wrong application of protein to my hair (dry, dry, dry and uber brittle and hard) so it took some thinking for me to figure out how to get my moisture/protein balance back. What I did (and still do every other shampoo) is wash my hair with a shampoo with protein in it (if you cowash, I'm sure this would work with conditioner too) and then follow with a moisturizing DC. The shampoo deposited just enough protein on my strands to bounce my hair back and the DC batted back dry, brittle and hard strands. Win! Win! ; )
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