Winter effects on hair?

So my hairs pretty hard to manage to begin with. I have a long routine before bed involving plopping, gel, shaping and more to get it to curl the way I want. Lately though it's gotten even worse. No matter what I do, my hair has been frizzy and lifeless! It has barely any volume, and even if I get volume, it's caused by the frizz. I've been trying what I can, and I've come to the conclusion it must be caused by the dry, bitter weather. Do you guys have anything like this happening to your hair? If so what have you been doing to fix it? Thanks!

My Hair:
3A-3B Mix
High porosity
High density
Medium width
Long (armpit length)
Your hair sounds like my hair. Deep condition like crazy.Do protective styling. Use good, natural products. Maybe u are using products with gyclerin in it an that is a no no in the winter.

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