Please help....Don't know what my hair type is?

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I'm trying to find out what hair type i have, the first pic is when my hair is wet. It pretty much looks the same when it dries. The second one is when my hair is dry and all brushed out. Thanks in advance for helping me. :-)

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You hair is gorgeous! I am not the best at identifying hair types but if you post this in the "what's my hair type" thread (it is the first thread on this board) I am sure lots of ladies will be able to help you. Good luck
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Thanks :-) I'll try that, I'm new to this site & still trying to figure out how to use it correctly. I'm using the app on my phone.

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You might want to post another picture of your hair right after a wash and air dry with no manipulation. It looks blown out in this picture. (Oh, I just realized your posts says you posted two picture~I only see one)
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