New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)


As I said, I'm a newbie here. I've been asking my friends for a week or so what they thought about cutting my hair, and I mean like chin or mid-neck length cut. Some people are very for the idea, others are much less encouraging. But then I realized that I have been asking a bunch of people who don't have curly hair! So here I am, asking a bunch of people who also have curly hair like me.

Basically, I'm really tired of the length of my hair. I've always had it longer, and I really always do get a lot of compliments on it. But it's very temperamental, it gets rather flat and the curls lose their spring and bounce. Usually, as far as daily routines go, if I want it to actually look good I need to diffuse it at this time of year, but during the summer I can let it air-dry. I want to cut it to about mid-neck or chin length, I've attached some pictures. The two with short hair are ones that I (ideally) would like my hair to look like, the other two are ones of me, the one that looks "shorter" is because my hair is pulled back in a braid, the other one my hair is still sorta wet but gives a better idea of my curl type.

Any sort of input would be greatly appreciated
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New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-1048.jpg   New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-short-curly-hair-3.jpg   New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-snapshot_20120918_2.jpg   New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-snapshot_20121028.jpg  
My vote is that you go for it! I love the first pic & think that would look great on you (in fact, I just might steal that pic and take it to my own stylist, lol). If you're itching for a change, why not? Hair always grows back! If you decide to do it, please update with some pics!
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I think it would look great! If you decide to cut it, just be aware of how much your hair curls up. My hair curls up 2 to 3 inches at least so I have to be careful how much I cut off.
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Go for it. You will look hot!
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I'm sorry, I think longer hair is more feminine and sexy. But as long as you feel good with it, do it then . You have beautifull eyes by the way.
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Team short hair its fun, trendy and chic! Ur hair can always grow back like u said u have always had long hair change is good

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So! I would up getting it cut - yay. When I first got it cut, I definitely cut it too short, but I have to say that I'm glad I did it because now I know 1) not to cut it too short and 2) no longer have this burning urge to "change up my hair-do"
The good things about it:
- simply not as much hair to deal with! which makes showering and styling easier
- my hair looks a LOT thicker than it really is
- it's easier to get more volume than it was with longer hair
The bad thing about it:
- I can't really put my hair in a long braid anymore, and it really doesn't look that great in a ponytail since it's more like a pom-pom is attached to the back of my head

Here's some pictures of what it looks like, and this is about a month after getting it cut.
For those of you considering cutting off your locks, I would say go for it, especially if you are having a hard time getting that volume you're looking for.
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New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-snapshot_20130608.jpg   New here, some advice would be appreciated about hair length :)-snapshot_20130608_2.jpg  
Very cute cut and very healthy-looking hair, beautiful!

Now I'm tempted to make an appointment with my hair dresser, hm... Thank you for the update!
#1 Recommendation: "Search NaturallyCurly" search function for great info
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Oh, gosh. I'm trying SO hard to grow my hair but posts like this make me really rethink the whole decision. That cut is SOOOO cute on you!!!
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