Does anyone do braidouts?

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If so, how do you maintain them?

I am 3b. After I cowash, I spray on Lottabody Olive Oil setting lotion, smooth on a little oil, braid in 5 braids or so and sit under my bonnet dryer until dry.

It actually doesn't look so different from my normal hair, but it stretches it (because I loooooove length) and it's SO much better than leaving out of the house with a wet head. I usually go bone straight in winter and this has been a nice change.

I just can't get it to look so hot the next day. Sometimes I dampen with my oil/water mix, or dampen and put on conditioner and oil......just trying different things.

If anyone has any tips, I'd greatly appreciate it! My hair is fine, highly porous, thick, dense and doesn't like gels.
How about you just spritz your hair with your mix, redo the 5 braids before you go to bed, and takes them down in the morning? I also have 3b, high porosity hair tooo, but I have medium strands. This has worked for me.

It works best on old stretched hait, so when it's been a few days after you washed your hair and your curls are looking wonky, that is a good time to do it.

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