HELP! Embracing "ALL-Natural" Life Transition



I have 3a, medium porosity/density/width. Shoulder length Dark Brown hair.

My hair has barely any coilback or bounce, it looks sad n depressed. My hair breaks very easily when very wet. It feels hard and oily on my ends most of the time. My curls are broken some spots stay straight some curly. My ends wont curl. I've been cutting it little by little and have removed about 8 inches of damaged hair. Lots of frizz at the roots from 6 inches of new grownth after starting modified CG method & Prenatal vitamins and biotin, 8 months ago. It's hard to find a way to wear it for work that is presentable, as I'm a medical assistant in a busy Family Practice. I need help taming it and making it curly how it used to be. Plus my man loves my all natural sexy curls, when they cooperate.

I'm trying so hard to grow my hair to Low Back length like victoria secret models.

Cleaning routine:
Wash 1-2 times a week - due to oily skin
With Dime size of Clear shampoo and 6 table spoons of RenPure Moisturizing Conditioner.

Air dry or Diffused: with hand full of RenPure Deep Conditoning Reconstructor

Previous Damage: Ombre bleach, Keratin treatments, Full-dyes (rihanna red), Highlights.

P.S. I do Blow-out my hair with 3 inch boars hair round brush with no products period except oil after it's complete for flyaways. I hate to say it looks beautiful this way and sleek amd professional. I would like to get compliments on my curls like i when I blow it out.

1.First Picture is from today at work. (My hair is usually never flat on top like that.)

2.Second Picture is a "good" hair day
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First, I just want to say that you and your hair are beautiful!

It sounds like you may just need a period of extra TLC for your hair. I would suggest weekly protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments for a while. If your hair is breaking easily, that's a sign that it needs more protein, but you also need to make sure you balance that with moisture. Especially in the dry winter months, extra moisture is important. I would also suggest that you stop heat styling/using the brush for a while, as this can cause damage/breakage too. It's not that you won't ever be able to style it straight, but it sounds like your hair could use a rest. The frizz could be caused by several factors - it could need more moisture; if you live in a dry climate with low dews, check your styling products for humectants (like glycerin) as this can cause frizz/dryness. It could also be technique - are you using a regular terry cloth towel to dry your hair? Touching a lot while it dries? This can cause frizz too. Try changing just one thing in your routine to see if that makes a difference. But don't give up! It takes time, but you'll get there, so don't be discouraged
2c/3a, botticelli/wavy/'swavy (huh?)
fine, dense, normal porosity/elasticity, dry climate

My favorite brands are Kinky Curly, As I am, Curly Kinks, Curl Junkie, and Darcy's Botanicals. Also love sealing with oils (loving argan oil right now) and styling with jelly products (KCCC is my current favorite). Mostly trying to keep it simple!

CG since 12/29/2011

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