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Rheemuah 03-17-2013 08:17 PM

In dire need of new products... recommendations please?
I am a curly haired teen with 2c/3a hair that is past my shoulder blades.
My CO is currently the V05 kiwi lime. It's been working great.
I know V05 is also good for RO, but which one worked best for you guys? or what's another conditioner that provides a lot of slip, volume, and moisturizes
that I can find easily at walmart or any other drug store? I get tangley very easily (may take up to 10 minutes to detangle, sometimes still tangley when I get out of the shower!) I use my fingers.
same goes for LI. I've been using a variety but I need something that keeps my curls held, provides volume, and that I can easily find. I heard giovanni's DLI is a great one but I still have to find it.
also, do you guys use coconut oil by any chance? if so, when do yall apply it?

Rheemuah 03-18-2013 06:30 PM


sexyspirals 03-20-2013 11:23 AM

Hi! I'm a 3a/3b (used to be just 3a but now that my hair has gotten longer I'm starting to get Marie Antoinette-style ringlets at the bottom, not too sure I love it lol) and I have pretty fine hair with a low/medium porosity (like protein, hate glycerin).

So I can recommend a few things for you -

The VO5 products don't do enough for me, but I LOVE, LOVE Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily. It's my HG product, my hair loves the aloe. I use it for my co-wash and my leave-in.

For my RO I use Sleek and Shine by Garnier. It gives me a lot of slip and it's not too heavy, and it's also cheap. I switch up my ROs (I lived in the UK for a few months and I found a conditioner for RO there that I LOVED but can't get here :( ) but Sleek and Shine generally does a lot for me.

KCCC - they've started selling it at the Target near me, so maybe you can find it easily! It's a little pricey but a great product that lasts a really long time (I've been working on a jar for probably over a year now). Just a nickel sized amount on top of a good leave in does a lot for me.

AG:Recoil is also great, my hair really likes it, but it's hard to find in stores and pretty expensive.

Honestly, though, apart from the Suave Aloe and Waterlily my only other HG product is BRHG. It's amazing, I get so much hold and great second-day out of it, and my hair really likes it. Scrunching out the crunch is easy, too! You can find it in any drug store, and just a pea-sized amount does it for me - it lasts a long time and is well, well worth the money.

Hope some of these help - finding new products can be an expensive nightmare (I'm shopping around these days myself) so good luck!!

Corrina777 03-20-2013 11:53 AM

I definitely wouldn't consider VO5 sufficient for a rinse-out. The drugstore conditioners that I've found to have the best moisture and slip are: GVP Conditioning Balm (at Sally's), some of the L'Oreal Ever lines (you would need to check individual labels because some of their conditioners are cone-free but others aren't), some of the Garnier Fructis conditioners (I used to know which ones are CG, but can't think of them now, but there are a few).

Rheemuah 05-12-2013 02:20 PM

Thank you for the replies! I'm starting to look into products as of right now, so I'm sorry for the late reply... I'm currently liking the Garnier Fructis product as a detangler and RO, but I seriously need a better detangler. Anyone have a better suggestion? Something I can find at Wal-Mart... also, I've noticed Wal-Mart has a new ethnic hair care line, has anyone looked into those?

curlicious13 05-12-2013 02:27 PM

I hear Giovanni line is good too but check the ingredients cuz some have harsh sulfates & cones.

Firefox7275 05-13-2013 07:11 AM

I used to love Fructis as my rinse out/ leave in, but some variants have been reformulated to include a silicone and take the palm oil out, be careful. Inecto is excellent for slip and should not be too pricey, I use piles of it and actually detangle during the co-wash tho admittedly I don't have a major issue with tangling.

For slip generally look for one of the behentrimoniums high up in the ingredients list. Some curlies find they need to wash their hair more often, really to detangle rather than to cleanse. Are you enough conditioner - really slather palmfuls on - and detangling from the bottom up?

My porous hair adores coconut oil and I find the residue helps with detangling the next wash. I use it either straight up on dry hair before a wash if I don't have styling product on, or sometimes blended into my CO-wash (Inecto conditioner) with some sugar syrup/ honey as an intensive after washing but on barely damp not wet hair. In other words make my co-wash into an intensive treatment.

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