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Hello, my daughter is 4 years old she is mixed raced and I have know idea what I am doing. she loves to leave her hair out but it becomes a nest. how do I prevent that. also what is a great product for her hair. a lot of the kids products leave here hair stripped or heavy. so my questions are... what's the best way to brush her hair, how do I keep it from getting super knotty, what is a good line of products. and please give me so ideas on how to style her hair. I can not braid. lol. please help me I don't want to be "that mom"
It's great that you're trying to maintain her hair. I wish my parents would have done that when I was younger instead of getting me perms all the time. I don't have any kids and I don't have enough information on her hair so I can't really help. But, what hair type does she have? Maintaining moisture is important for curly hair. Try researching further on recommended lighter products for girls with similar hair. Consider taking her to someone who can braid her hair. There's so much to learn about keeping curly hair healthy. Be patient, and put in the time. She'll thank you one day. (:
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You remind me of my mother. She had know idea how to do my hair, my dad end up doing my hair. I would keep it lite for right now. Use just leave in and some oil. A leave in I like is Mix chicks, sally has a knock off that is good. I can't remember the name. It does have a some silcone in it. It does have a little hold. Amond oil can be used to seal in the leave in. I have no idea about styles.
You might want to check out the parent forum here, there will probably be more suggestions for you. has a method of hair care that might help you. Also, there's nothing wrong with keeping a child's hair braided (in two or three braids--nothing fancy) for most of the time and only wearing it out on special occasions/weekends (at least until you get a handle on things).
Check out the website Beads Braids and Beyond. (beadsbraidsbeyond. blogspot .ca) It would be really great if you learned how to braid but twisting works too and its easier/faster. Her hair needs moisture the most. Theres tons on info on that site and this one. And Youtube is the best place for video tutorials on how to style naturally curly hair.
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