Growing back 3a hair after a complete shave

Hi !

I'm new to this website but I find it very nice

I think I'm a 3a (or maybe a 2c...) and I'm thinking of getting my hair entirely shaved to raise funds for cancer and to express my solidarity with people forced to loose hair due to cancer. In Québec it's actually a great campaign.

Point is, I'm scared about the part when my hair will start growing back, specially when it will be too short to make well defined curls...

Do you have any tips / pictures / testimony to share please ?

Thanks a lot


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There is a user here named Mellie I think who shaved her head. She's 2C. I'd keep an eye out for her and shoot her a PM. I had a pixie cut but there were still several inches to work with. It was farily curly. To style it I'd just use product and scrunch around the crown. I think when you're a 2C/3A your hair can either get really curly when it's short or straighter with a slight wave. It depends. My hair gets curlier when it's shorter because there's less weight on it but a lot of wavy curlies find their hair needs length in order for the pattern to reveal itself.

If you want your hair to grow faster so you'll have more to work with faster you can try castor oil on the scalp. It works for some.

I commend you on shaving your head to fight cancer. You're an awesome person! I lost my favorite uncles to cancer and they both had such beautiful hair for middle aged men. It was awful watching them lose it so I really appreciate the show of solidarity.
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Alright! Thanks a lot

Idk if my hair would be kind of straight at some point, last time I had hair this short I was a baby hahaha.

A good friend of mine did it for cancer and she's sooooo beautiful now ! But she got straight hair...

Maybe I'll just make the experiment !

I'm sorry for your uncles, that must have been difficult...

Thanks for your advices !
This is so cool of you. I'm the daughter of a woman who was a multiple-time survivor, and then eventually not one.

I have shaved my head twice, once for charity and once to remove dreadlocks (bad, bad, fine-Jewish-hair dreadlocks!). I have also had plenty of pixie and flapper cuts. So I'm your gal. You can do it, and it will grow back, I swear! They key to sanity is frequent hair cuts. It makes the grow-out seem slower, but you look a lot better and thus maintain happiness.

I have 2C-3A hair, same pattern as yours. I don't know your thickness, etc., so I can only tell you what my fine/low porosity hair did.

Immediately after shaving it, I made a lot of friends who wanted to pet my head. I also learned I have a pointy head. Shortly after that I had a really cute, very lightly wavy, pixie. I liked that a lot. I used some sort of wax to push it toward my face.

3-5 inches: When I had it cut the same length all over, I had a Jew-fro. Amusing but not that cute on me. I tried to keep the back shorter and let the top grow out. I had some really, really awesome flapper cuts that were done by razoring/sculpting the dry waves around my face. I liked that stylist a lot for short hair, and I loved my hair. Mostly cute, but awful if I got a bad haircut.

4-6 or so inches: I hated this length. The curl really came in and I had just sort of... multi-directional hair. I wound up having a friend of mine braid in dreadlock extensions (first wool roving, which was fun and colorful, and then synthetic hair, which was heavy but gorgeous). This really helped get me through the ear-chin length phase.

Now I'm working hard to grow it past my shoulders. It hovers between my chin and shoulders, and I'm growing out some blunt-cut bangs that are almost chin length, too. My hair grows pretty slowly, and at times it seems interminable and frustrating... that's usually when I go get a trim.

My friends during short hair time:

- Mini flat iron. Sometimes you just have cowlicks.
- Waxes and sculpting stuff. I favor the slightly more rockstar look, so I enjoyed this.
- NOT gel. Spikiness with visible scalp...

I like myself with short or long hair. They both have their pros and cons. They both have their styling issues. Right now, short hair would be MORE work for me because I do archaeological field work and a ponytail is way more convenient. I get greasy easily, so I had to keep short hair much cleaner.

Hope that helps! Again, it's so awesome that you're brave enough to consider this. It's really fun, and I think kind of psychologically interesting, to shave it all off.
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