Keratin shampoo?

Today someone suggested a keratin treatment to help my hair not shrink as much. I understand from researching that it won't necessarily make my hair straight which I definitely do not want.
Would trying a shampoo or otc treatment with keratin be a good idea or would it not help any? Or would it only help once I had a treatment in a salon?
I had a Keratin salon treatment (without formaldehyde!!!) and it was aaaaamazing. Not sure if otc would produce the same results, but I mean, idk. It's really something you should strongly consider. It was weird for me to get used to at first because it took away my volume for a while and made my hair a little longer, but I was so happy with it. It makes your hair so healthy and soft. Afterwards, I used Ion brand shampoo & conditioner which is supposed to help the treatment stay in longer by replenishing Keratin.
It's a good idea!
3b & 3c. Had to learn everything myself since momma didn't understand curly hair.
He said, "Patience, my caramel concubine."
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