Dont know what to do anymore.. Used to love my curls..

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So I have discovered curly girl about 3 years ago. Turns out I was already kinda doing it since I was a teen but with the wrong products, chock full of silicones.
So since then, I have tried to use better conditionners. Suave co, Garnier Ultra Doux (I live in France) Tres semme naturals (recently), and leave ins: Giovanni leave in , and more recently the Shea moisture line.

I have also dyied my hair darker a total of 3 times in 2 years.

Here is the problem: My hair just won't go past shoulder level. and that is being generous. I have a 2 level issue, meaning the top part does not go past my ears and curl up tigher and tigher, when the bottom layer curl more loosely and seem to therefore grow faster (only seem, I think).
It is driving me crazy. I can let them down anymore as it just looks ridiculous.. I don't want to cut them more since I feel the last hair cut (more than a year ago) was what got them to grow like that. and I hate having short curls.

So I dont know.. Maybe there is way to change my routine to fix the issue? I feel like this did not use to be as much an issue before I got a couple hair cuts.. (I did not cut my hair from the age of 14 to 2
I definitely feel like the Shea moisture line is not helping.. I changed from Giovanni cause it felt like i was causing build up if I used it every day but Shea moisture seems to be drying the hell out of my hair. Does not help i have extremely hard water in our new house though,.

Any way, for the first time in years I actually looked at my self and thought.. I should just straighten them.. HELP!
It may just be that part of your hair is so curly that it may not show its length very easily. You could make sure to keep the less curly hair trimmed shorter so that it blended in with the curlier parts.

It could also be that your diet is imbalanced, or this is the result of a health issue. I'd go and get a health check-up and make sure everything is okay.

Super curly hair, when straightened over time, tends to look dull and stiff, and is hard to the touch and breaks easily, so straightening your hair would probably just introduce a whole nother set of problems.

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your hair just might be getting use to being more natural. give it time. When i first went cg my hair didn't grow for a year and my hair freaked out about no sulfates and cones for 6 months. Also soon as its long enough to get in a pony tail put it up alot. they say hair will be stuck at the shoulders if you don't put it up alot. tee shirts and stuff rub the ends and i guess that isnt good.
Many people don't have the same curl pattern all over their head. When I stopped using heat and started taking care of my hair the roots grew in more tightly curled than the rest of my hair. The back is also more tightly curled than the front. I just work with it and use products that are best suited for my hair.
Hair does take time to grow, not everyone's hair grows at the same rate and it could be that your growth rate is slower. The length you are able to achieve is also determined in part by your genetics and hair growth and shedding cycle.
Sometimes with curly hair it can be hard to see just how much growth you have achieved due to shrinkage and tighter coils.
Sometimes when I flat iron my hair after 6-8 months of going curly I can really see how much growth I had.

Don't give up. Keep taking care of your hair and try to find the right products.
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