Best products to enchance damaged curls?

Hi guys, I was hoping maybe you could help me out with something. My hair is damaged, dry, frizzy, etc. I haven't been straightening it as much as I used to and really want to nurture it back to its healthy state. It's been hard though because when I try to do my old curly hair routine it's frizzy, stringy, etc. Was wondering what you recommend for to enchance curls adding bounce and shine if possible? Thanks for any recommendations

I was looking into KCCC, KCKT, Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, as well as DevaCurl.
If your hair is damaged you will need to trim it aggressively and deep condition it, preferably under a steamer or heat cap.toy won't be satisfied with your results, no matter which products you use, if you're working with damaged hair. But in healthy hair I love the kinky curly, deva and curl junkie lines. Elucence, too.

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That's what I was fearing. I'll probably hold off then. it just stinks because it looks terrible either curly or straight but that's the price I'm paying now for 4 years of heat damage. Thank you for responding
It might be difficult if your hair is damaged but try to figure out your properties.

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I'll tell you one thing though, if you hair is heat damaged your porosity is probably high as a result (mine is naturally high so don't freak out, it's not the worst the thing in the world.) You should try alternating protein treatments to repair the damaged strands and deep conditioning to rehydrate them.

If your hair is very frizzy, I highly recommend kinky curly. Both knot today and the custard. It might not give you the bouncy curls you want just yet but it might help hydrate your porous hair and contain frizz so it looks nice and neat when dry/natural.

Frequent trims are also a great idea. And what about scalp massages with oil or in co-washing? That might help your hair grow faster. I'm sure it does mine. I can tell when my hair is wet how long it is. It's a tossup though because as my hair has gotten healthier it's gotten curlier and I get more shrinkage. So I usually watch where it falls when wet as an indication of growth.
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Thanks a bunch for the wonderful tips! Definitely going to do those things.

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