How to make my hair "down" and less crazy curly?

I've been growing my natural hair out now (3c) and been chopping off all the relaxed bits. I love it but sometimes I just want to wear it down and non-crazy some days, maybe even looser curls. How can I style it this way without using heat or chemicals? I don't have any pictures on this laptop, sorry. My hair is pretty short at the moment and I'm yet to wear it down since I started going natural, especially since I have to deal with growing out bad layers etc.

Sorry about the image, I'm aware Beyonce has gone through a lot with her hair and our cases are different but it's the closest I'm trying to get.

I don't think you can get it like Beyonce's if your texture is 3c. But if you want to wear it 'down' maybe try some flexirod sets or curlformers.
if you are growing your hair out. first i heard it has to grow out then down. it will poof out but it will grow down. I chopped my hair off cos i didnt know that. but looking back in my teen years it was dowm when it was almost to my butt. I gotta remember this time to let it grow out and then down.
^ This actually makes sense. It helps me as well! LoL!
Thank you all! And yes, I was hoping to wear it down like before since I recently chopped a great damaged deal off.
Twist outs are your best friend if you want to wear your hair down when it's short. It will make your hair look longer and lay down more. It will take while for 3c hair to start getting heavy and falling down. Our hair is gravity resistant lol! So be patient it will grow down eventually.
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Twist outs and braid outs help a lot
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It's nearly impossible to change your hair's natural texture without heat or chemicals.

I highly recommend embracing your hair and letting your hair do what it wants to do. Once you stop fighting with your hair and accept that it will never look your fantasy hairstyle, it will become so much nicer. If your hair wants to mimic a wild lion's mane, let it do that.

Alternatively, you can try twist outs, braid outs, or doing roller sets, but I never had much luck with those techniques.
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