I cut my hair short, help!


So I recently decided that I wanted to go natural and had what I thought was bra strap length 3A curls. I went in for a trim because the bottom 2 inches were so fried that they would not curl with the rest. My stylist convinced me to chop it down to shoulder length so it would be healthier, but with all the bounce back, it is WAY shorter than that, and WAY more curly. I look like little Orphan Annie!

Any suggestions on how to tame it a little with out using heat? My hair is medium to coarse, and medium porosity, and high density... And I'm thinking 3B now...
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This is too short, use oils n moisturizer it to retain length meanwhile u can do straightening methods with no heat watch this
If it works for her it will work for u especially that ur hair is softer
that is the trouble with wet cuts, they cannot account for the spring factor. but i have to say, i love it! your curls look so bouncy, healthy. it will grow, and now you have the opportunity to grow it out in a very healthy way. it's a matter of getting used to it now, but the time will pass. we've all been there.
just play around with styling it differently so it works for you. i bet it would look great, very 1920's bob, parted on the side. i suspect in a few days after you get over the shock you will at the very least not mind it.
i think if you rake in products rather than scrunching them in it helps elongate the curls if you are looking to make it look longer.
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I like the length! You'll just have to find a new technique that works for you.
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I went to get my hair cut a few weeks ago (I wanted it shoulder length too) and the lady ended up cutting it to not far below my ears! At first I hated it and actually tried straightening it, only to realize how uneven she cut it. (I won't be going there again!)
Here's what I did (after hiding in my house for a couple days). I learned to love it. It's going to grow back, that's what hair does. I don't use any products, just oils if at all. To help grow out my hair, I massaged castor oil on my scalp before getting in the shower, then washed it off. And I put coconut oil in my hair every day which I've heard helps grow out your hair.
For me, the ends of my curls would stick out a lot. While my hair was too short for a hair clip, I used bobby pins to pin it back. Now my hair's around my shoulders. I know that castor oil, when I would put it on my hair and scalp, made my hair grow pretty fast (not this time because I like it short so stopped using it).
Just a warning first, castor oil is pretty thick and you're going to have to make sure you wash it out good because, if you leave a lot of oil on your scalp, it can actually prevent your hair from growing!

(I'm no expert on this. Some of these things may not be true for others and maybe these coconut and castor oil don't help hair grow. I'm just talking from experience, I really noticed that my hair grew faster while I was using castor oil.)

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First of all, your hair is GORGEOUS and it looks very healthy so try to focus on that. I know what it's like to be frustrated with your short hair cause I'm there now lol So what I do is bobby pin down sections at the roots to make them look longer. Or you can put clips at the ends of your hair while it's still wet after you style it and help elongate the curl. You can try playing around with updos and pinning the sides. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait until it grows back.
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Loving my hair!!!
I love it.,looks really healthy.

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