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Hello everyone!
I usually take night time showers but I've found that my curls are super frizzy and stretched out if I sleep on them while they're wet. So I've decided to begin morning showers. My hair takes 4-6 hours to dry completely and I'd rather not walk around with the wet hair look....Does anyone have recommendations for "quick drying" the curls?
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Have you ever tried diffusing using the pixie curl technique? I use that when I am in a hurry.

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No, I haven't heard of that! I'll have to look it up and give it a try
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My hair takes forever to dry; I now let it dry for about an hour or so, then diffuse it till it's just about dry. I never sleep on it wet--it would be a disaster the next day!
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If you can, try ringing out your wet hair in the shower. If that's too much, try scrunching out the majority of the water before you get out of the shower. Next I'd recommend a microfiber drying towel or just a soft Tshirt that you can again put your hair in and scrunch. After that I'd have to agree with the half diffusing/half air drying strategy hope this helped!
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I use KCCC, which I love but increases drying time substantially. In the summer, with just conditioner in my hair, it will dry in about two hours. With product in, I'd guess about five hours. I can't air dry because I can't go outside without at least a gel cast forming--too much wind here. So I pixiecurl diffuse about 75% dry, and then air dry the rest.

What I do to help drying time is apply my leave in, then scrunch gently with a dry flour sack towel. Then I put in the KCCC (a lot), scrunch gently again, and then plop with a new, dry towel. The scrunching and plopping help to get out excess water. Then I can diffuse in about 15-20 minutes.

Right now my hair is about BSL when wet, and APL dry. I'm getting another 4" cut off on Friday, partly to help with drying time. This is why I cut so much off when I decided to go full CG. I knew when it was hip+, I'd be lucky to have it dry in a day!
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I too do nighttime showers since I have to be at work so early. I actually plop my hair all night with a flour sack towel. When I wake-up I either let it air dry for a couple of hours or I will diffuse. Either way I save lots of time because the styling is half-way done.

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Thank you all so much for your advice! I'm sure one of your solutions will help my crazy curls
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I read on the boards somewhere today where somebody here uses a "Sham-wow" cloth to blot with, apparently doesnt' disturb the curl but sucks water out really fast.
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In the winter, I sleep with my hair wet. I wrap a t shirt arround my head and the curls stay bouncy and I have absolutely no frizz

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