super soft but dry looking,less curl

Hi! didn't know where to post it exactly but here is my question/problem :
My hair looks really dry and fluffy, but it feels suuuuuuper soft and I have no split ends, also my curls are less curly now.
What could have caused this? i'm doing the cg method now for 3 weeks I think, had 2 setbacks where I had to wash it with sulfates.
But Never, ever, did my hair look this awful

anyone any ideas what could have caused it? my hair also feels kinda gelish when it's wet and product free

thanks !
3a 3b , medium-high porosity , low-medium density , fine-medium width , medium length. My hair LOVES protein, HATES leave in conditioners etc. It get's wavy/flat easily if I use a conditioner that's too strong.
Sounds like overconditioned hair. You either need to add protein or lowpoo.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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