Help! Graduation Cap Hair?

I graduate in a few weeks and my hair is very curly (3b-3c). I have to wear my cap for graduation & I don't know what to do with all of this hair lol. I don't want to straighten my hair because I just got rid of my split ends that I got mostly from straightening my hair for prom last month.
Congratulations on your graduation, Nisha!

Next wee will be my fourth time graduating from something -- aaah! I'm so old! Anyway, I've had this problem every single time! I've finally settled on doing a half up-do (like a half french twist or something) with my hair as curly as I can. This will take some of the bulk away from the sides of the face, but will make the back of my hair look lush and gorgeous!

Post pics when you decide what to do!
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Shower Time!
Treat: EVCO
Co-Wash: DE Unscented Condish with added lavender and tea tree EOs
Condish: DE Coconut Condish with added local honey

After Shower: Homemade FSG with added gelatine

+ bi-weekly protein DIY treatments (gelatin and egg yolk)
+ mindful nutrition
Thank you and wow congratulations to you! I will try that and if I like it I will post pics lol. Thanks for the advice.

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