Moisturized but not greasy?

So I am having a cunundrum, I feel like either my hair is moisturized, not frizzy, or frizzy (halo at the crown) and not greasy. I have 3b fine, thin hair, so my hair gets weighed down very easily. I really don't want to spend a ton of money trying to find the right leave-in (just stopped using Suave Naturals as my leave-in, thought it might be best to find a real leave-in), so I'm hoping someone could help. I don't use any gel/styler, since everything seems to weigh my hair down, and it is defined enough on it's own. But is that what I'm missing? Something to seal in the moisture?
Our hair properties are similar. I had been having issues with finding a leave in that didn't leave my hair greasy. I finally stumbled on a thread that made me think to try a LI w/o any oils or butters in the ingredients.

I now rotate between Beauty Without Cruelty LI, KCKT (pricey) and Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Stem Cell & Argan oil (not technically a LI and has minor amts. of oils but really works for me).

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from friends and relatives, it seems that curl junkie beauticurls leave in is great with fine hair -- moisturizing, never greasy, never weighs it down. i do use it from time to time (my medium hair likes something heavier) and beauticurls leave in is great for layering or alone.
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You also try using more leave-in that you already have and sealing with a very very light oil like grapeseed, apricot, or argan (not the commercial kind, the natural silicon-free kind) or a medium weight oil like almond or jojoba oil.

I've also heard of sealing with aloe vera juice or gel depending on your preference instead of oil.
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I use a leave in conditioner that's a spray. While my hair isn't fine, I don't like greasy hair. Try the Shea moisture curl smoothie for your ends & milk to moisturize your hair. The milk you can also use as a leave in. (A little of the milk goes a long way.) I like the Softee olive oil gel. It's a light hold gel that won't leave your hair crunchy. It has panthenol in it so you may be able to use it alone as a moisturizer.
Neither of these things will weigh down or build up on your hair & will rinse right out.
I think porosity is really important in this. My hair is fine/low porosity (not dense.) I can use minute amounts of really rich products, but it HATES the SM Smoothie and Milk. They just sit on my hair. I had to wash them out.

A recommendation I'd make is to up your protein--and get the moisture/protein balance right. That way, products won't weigh your hair down, as much.

I also use "jelly" products--my definition is gelatinous consistency without the chemicals. We're having high dewpoints right now. I use a leave in OR curl enhancer with a jelly product. When the dewpoints are really low, I use a leave in AND a curl enhancer with jelly product.
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