Curlformers on 3b/3c hair?

Has anyone with 3b or 3c hair used Curlformers? I ask because my mum is transitioning and I want to get her an early hairiversary present. I'm broke at the moment, and will have to find the funds to buy her a pack. She sometimes gets discouraged about the process, so I'm thinking that Curlformers would provide her with some variety. What would be the best size? Her hair shrinks, when fully dry, to shoulder length.
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I have yet to try Curlformers, though I've checked out a ton of how-to vids on them lol.

A lot of curlies seem to really like those, including some who fall in the 3b/c range, like your mom.

You can also click on my Ringlet Fandango link below if you're interested in doing a Temple Set on her (it only requires whatever quality products she already uses). I did the set on my own hair (you can see the before and after pics there), which is about a 3b/c w/some 3a tossed in.

Either way, good luck. Hopefully she'll enjoy whatever hair toy/s or hair pampering you give her

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You can get curlformers on eBay for much cheaper than the $70. I paid $30 for 50 curlformers. And I love them. I am 3a, my girls are 3b, 4a, and 4c and they do a great job on all of our different hair types.
.,,, but sleeping in the them is not fun.
I'm 3c and I've used Curlformers before. I like them however the style doesn't last more than a day. My hair always starts to frizz. Could be the products I'm using though

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