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Hi I've been on and off the board for years. I'm mostly a 3b with alot of hair and it's very frizzy. I'm rethinking my styling products. I've been heavy on silicone free gel. Lately my hair seems so dry. So I've back to the chem lab in my bathroom. I was looking at pics and wondering what people are using. I'm thinking more like mousse, curl keeper, curly pudding by As I am. I'm like totally starting from scratch. I was looking at pics CurliLocks looks a lot like mine. My curls have not been as good lately. Please any advice is welcome!!!!!!
The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties. Here's a link to help Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free Once you determine your properties, you can look for others with hair like yours and see what they use. It's the best place to start.

Other things to take into consideration are where you live (dewpoints) and how you handle your hair.
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organic coconut oil helps with dryness and gives shine to your hair great for dry damaged hair just put it in your hair leave for 15-20 min and rinse out. Also do you sleep with a satin pillow case? that helps keep the frizz away while sleeping at night.
I second Kathymack's advice. You may need more moisture and a clarifying rinse, but knowing your hair properties makes finding products simpler.

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