its getting miserable

Hi everyone!
First to start out, I'm egyptian so my curls are kinda different. they are still like a mix between 3c and 2c, but my hair is really thick and dense and stiff. if i put it in a pony tail then take it out, it stays up. If i take a shower and comb out my hair, braid it, then once it dries i take it out of the braid. it stays good for about 2 minutes then get poofy and not even curly, like an afro. my parents put the box relaxer you find at walmart on my hair twice about a year or 2 ago( i told them it was a bad idea). If i take a shower and dont shampoo my hair it will be extremely oily so i always have to shampoo it.
Ive tried moroccan oil products, Keratin products, coconut oil products, olive oil products, and none of them work. My hairs been so bad i got bullied for it. Im going into high school so i really need to figure out something that works for me.
my normal routine is get a quarter sized amount of pantene curly hair shampoo and message it into my scalp and rinse. then i get a handful of suave moroccan oil infused conditioner and message that into all my hair. I let it sit for a couple minutes then brush it out with a comb brush thing. Its really easy to comb my hair out though. Then rinse
I get out of the shower and put oil and leave-in conditioner in my hair and either clip my hair up, put it in a bun, or braid it until it dries. Ive tried letting it just air dry and using a defuser and neither has worked. once i let it down it gets poofy and the curls turn to waves and just a big mess.
Please help me, any advice would help immensely. It feels like ive tried everything and nothing is working. Thankyou for reading this if you read til the end. Love you xx
You have to be careful about commercial "Moroccan oil" products. Many have relatively little oil and plenty of silicone, glycerin or other additives that can dry out the hair or create build-up.

The Pantene line has silicones, which again, create buildup. Sometimes a regular sulfate shampoo won't remove that buildup and your hair can end up acting quite strange and unmanageable.

I recommend hitting "reset" and using a chelating shampoo to get rid of all forms of buildup, including silicones. Then start using a conditioner that has no ingredients ending in things like "xane" or "cone" (unless the "cones" are modified, in which case you will see the suffix "PEG" attached to it).

Also, you might want to try cutting the regular shampooing back to once or twice per month. And then for the rest of the month you could try using a sulfate-free shampoo. That might make your hair more supple while ensuring it doesn't get too oily.

Also, keep asking questions and researching the net, including this site

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