This will probably get NO responses, but has anyone here had their hair braided?

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In particular, thick dense 3b or 3c folks?

I usually NEVERRRR get my hair braided (have done so only ONCE in my life, back in 1996), but I got big "Poetic Justice" braids last night. I'm kind of not happy with the "braided wig" effect going on right now.........although everyone says that the roots will loosen over the next few days and look more natural.

My sister thinks the girl made my sections (partings) too small.

I would love any input, tips or just general experiences. Thanks in advance.

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After getting braids I always feel bald and scalpy. Give it two weeks and they'll look more normal.
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My experience was like Cora's: weird scalpy-look. That look took a while to disappear - not sure it ever totally disappeared (hard to recall). And then some braids started spiraling. And then my hair got to feeling greasy and all my braids began to unwind themselves LOL

It wasn't pleasant, but hey, every head of curls is different. Your braids might work out perfectly well
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The tightness disappeared after only one night, but I'm really having an EXTREMELY hard time dealing with the bulk and heaviness. Nothing hurts, but it's very uncomfortable. I'm also not happy with how I can't put them up in a bun or anything.

The roots have already settled some and things look less wiggy. They're just so heavy, though.

But it's okay. I know what can be improved upon--my sister was right in that the parts were made too small. Unfortunately, she couldn't come with me when I got them done. I know NOTHING about extensions/weave/braids/etc...I'm so clueless that it never occurred to me to mention the size of the parts. It would've been a lot better if she could've gone with me.

Anyway, I'm giving myself 2 weeks to get used to the bulk. If not, I'm definitely taking them out.

I want to try another set in the future, but not until I talk to the stylist about reducing the amount of extensions needed to do the style (I had to use 16 packs of hair!!!) She's a nice lady and does excellent work, and I know she'll be able to think of something.

This girl had the exact same problem:

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...: Summer Protective Style #1: The Box Braids Are BACK!

It's definitely the size of the parts. She was able to go from 15 packs of hair in her first set of box braids, to only 5 the second time around. I hope I can do the same.

Thanks for your responses!

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