At home Relaxers?

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I honestly hate my curls. i have a lot of hair and its very hard to get it the way i want it each morning. I wish i could have permantly straight hair that i didnt have to worry about frizzing up when going swimming or being outside when its humid. I had my hair relaxed with a mild relaxer professionally before but it didnt straighten my hair enough for me. ive had keratin treatments before as well and i loved the way my hair looked for the first month until it would end up washing out and they were just too expensive to get every month. i was wondering if anyone knows of a relaxer or product that i could buy that could relax my hair but is pretty mild. something maybe also with mostruizers in it. ive looked into it before but i dont know much about at home relaxers or any products like that and i came here for some help thanks!
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I mean, your hair is doing a whole lot of rebelling against your attempts at changing it, don't you think?

I can relate. Nothing but nothing - no chemical, nothing - ever worked to completely flatten my hair out. ... Now that I'm older, I see my mistake: all the time and energy, the negative thinking, the sweat and tears and chunks of my life I threw away trying to force my hair to go against its basic nature. I wonder if you'll end up making my long-suffered mistake?

There really is no such thing as a "moisturing" relaxer. Not really. The relaxer itself is so much more drying than any sort of conditioner that could be added to it. You might consider sticking around and reading about people who learned to embrace their natural hair. That might gradually prove to be of comfort to you.
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I agree with Korkscrew and besides that, your hair type is 3A, I think you will a relaxer is too damaging and heavy for you...I don't see it end well

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