How to stop hair from curling up.

I want to keep my beautiful waves, but they keep curling outwards when I use my gel to the point where you can't even see my neck anymore (360 around). The back of my head is bulged out too. (this is all with ecostyler)

Will olive oil help?
Sing with Barney tune:
Frizz loves me
I hate frizz
It sticks to me
like a kid
with some creams
and some gel
and then nothing does the trick
Please help me
My curly friends.
What do you mean by curling outwards? And the back of your head bulging? Can you post a picture?

Personally I like a lot of volume at my roots that's what it sounds like, but I cant picture what your describing. I actually get my layers stacked in the back so it aticma out more back there... lol.

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