Can any generic conditioner be used as wash off?

Hi fellow curlies,
I've been a avid curly ever since I came across this site a year ago. Its has transformed my life. I travel a lot, and its rather annoying to check-in my suitcase every time only because I have this huge bottle of conditioner that I lug along wherever I go.(those 100 ml bottles get used up in half a wash!) I just wanted to know, can I purchase any run of the mill conditioner product for rinse off ? I can carry small bottles of my leave in as I don't consume much of it.
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Why so many TBS in my list? Coz I live in a country where only TBS has english labels, wish I had access to more products!
Hey there!

I travel a lot too. I just check in my bag if I'm going for more than a weekend.

To answer your question... sure any generic rinse-out (wash-off?) conditioner is fine... but are you CG? If you're cowashing exclusively you should stay away from conditioners with silicones. Otherwise any cone-free conditioner should be ok... or any conditioner in general if you low-poo. I'm assuming that hair isn't your priority when you travel; I know it's not mine! I just go for decent hair aka not a big bush hair.

I lol'ed at the TBS explanation in your siggy. I knew instantly when I saw so many TBS products that you were either non-Europe/US and/or traveling frequently.
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I think you mean rinse out conditioner. IMHO, it all depends on your properties. If your hair is low porosity, your rinse out doesn't spend much time on your head, so isn't as critical as your styling products. If your hair needs moisture, you want something that will help supply that.

Other then that, I agree with wavydaze.
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