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Hi I have 3c-4a hair type and I was wondering if anybody had some staple hair products that works well for this hair type. Any oils because it seems like coconut oil does nothing for me and my hair is always dry. Please help me!
I have the same hair type and I use tresemme naturals conditioner, hello hydration, and shea moisture ces. I use coconut oil too, but I felt like u and didn't like it until I start mixing it in with my leave in. Then I liked it a lot. For dryness I found that castor oil helped me more.
Imani are you cg? I like suave tropical coconut & garnier fructis strength & length as my cowash. I use extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil. I also use Eden body works deep condition which I love. I use either cowash as my leave in. The stylers I use are Softee aloe Vera curl activating gel & cantu curling custard.
I shampoo & condition with Pantene, the Natural formula. I wash once a week and co-wash everyday. My go-to moisturizer is Garnier Fructis Straight & Sleek Leave-In Conditioning Cream - I use in the morning after wetting my hair & at night after I shower. Very nice stuff! Keeps my hair so soft and more manageable. I've tried using olive oil, but it didn't seem to moisturize my hair the way the cream does. Oils don't seem to work for me as well as creams do.
I am epxperimenting with my oil mix. Its a bottle of grapeseed oil mxed with rosemary oil (10 drops) lavender oil (10 drops) castor oil, and little coconut oil. I use flax seed gel for styling. The hawaiian silky curl activator gel is good for moisture.

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My hair with these oils and flax seed gel

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I like the du grow oil mix. It smells nice & leaves my hair soft.
Whats the du grow oil mix. Do you have to make it?

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What is your hair strand thickness, hair density and porosity? These are more important than your curl type in determining what will and won't work.

I use coconut and other oils as a prepoo/pre-cowash. If I use oil after I wash it just sits on my hair. Instead I use water base conditioners and stylers when my hair is damp.
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Your porosity is very important, more so then hair type. For example I have low porosity and my hair does not do well with heavy protein, Shea butter of any kind and oil only moisture. Conditioners with "good" alcohols do well however....so learn your porosity and go from there....
My hair only like coconut oil when there is high humidity. In low humidity and cooler weather, coconut oil just feels "crispy" or "stiff" in my hair. I use either jojoba oil or shea butter (sometimes mixed with another oil to make it more "slippery") when it's not warm and humid.

I'm going through a phase where my hair seems really dry too. I just recently purchased Desert Essence's shea butter conditioner with wheat protein. I'm wondering if I need a little bit of protein in my hair, so I'm going to try out this conditioner today.
Hair type: Mostly 3C, medium porosity to high porosity depending on the day, dense, fluffy, dry, tangly!

I really like that Desert Essence conditioner a lot. Makes hair super luscious

Do you rinse out your conditioner? If so, have you ever tried leaving it in instead? Maybe your hair just needs more of whatever product you using to stay moisturized?
4a/3c, fine strands, low porosity, medium density
Last relaxer: Jan 2010 - BC'd: 2/27/11
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