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Hey all!

So I've just started to love my VERY big (but not very long) curly hair (3A) after years of straightening :S
I'm looking for tips on how to style it, because of the size of it all the volume sinks down to the bottom of my hair and i would love kinda the voluminous look with loads at the top. This was easy with straight hair as i could backcomb it but unfortunately I can't.

I've found that everywhere I look it's all about 'taming your frizz!' and 'weighing down curls to make them less frizzy' but I love my frizz! Not to say that beautiful sleek curls aren't wonderful, but I just think that if you have frizzy hair naturally, you should embrace it! Does anyone else love their frizzy hair?

Thanks everyone!
Try clipping your roots for some volume while it dries... I also find that when I towel fry I am a lot more prone to frizz. If I am feeling frizzy I just use a lot less product and shake/fluff it a LOT.
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There's a certain product-y, super-shiny look that some people strive to get. After most of my Deva cuts I have that look because I'm loaded down with a bunch of product. I love the cuts but I can't stand that look because to me it looks fake and contrived, unnatural. It almost looks like a wig, or a head full of oiled-down licorice. Looks like each hair would remain stiffly in place in a hurricane wind.

To me there's something wonderful about curls that aren't all forced into position. When some curls are a little wild or not quite as shiny as the rest, or there's a little frizz, it suggests movement; it suggests that someone has a life and is busy doing things with that life. It also suggests a more fun, relaxed personality. And as a straight woman, I think thoughtfully cared for, but "imperfect" hair care efforts make curly men look super-sexy.

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This is what you need to watch hehe. I agree with you! I don't care about my frizzy hair...
Big Hair Don't Care - YouTube

I Don't Care (About My Frizzy Hair) Official Single - YouTube
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A little while back I perused a bunch of Taren Guy's newer vids and along the way I did a related search that led to the two vids you just posted (plus a bunch of other vids like it). Yeah, those vids are fun.

Ringlet Fandango! ... Where curly ideas roam free

* 2 blogs this week: Pictures of My (Sorta) Big Chop! AND Turn a Nightmare Product into a Dream* My Albums

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