Travel w/ 2c/3a hair - help!

I am about to begin a round of travel (one night here, one night there, constantly on the move), and it is also getting colder (44 F when I woke up this morning).

How does everyone keep their curls "together" when traveling? I have a hot sock, but it doesn't always stay on the hotel hair dryers. And I have my satin "Ma Ingles" cap to sleep in. I admittedly have the option of straightening my hair, but I'll be traveling in humid/damp places so why fight the need to curl? But I don't wan the hair to look uncared for either.

Does anyone have tips on this? I'll be out in the elements most of the time, so wind blown curls will be an issue.

(just joined, so no pics yet!)
I treat it exactly how I would at home. I bring most of my necessary products and just style it as normal.

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I understand your need to travel light. Honestly, you will just have to get your hair to look as good as you can while you're out. I would bring gel with you if there's going to be lots of wind. Don't SOTC if you anticipate a problem. How about putting it up so you won't have to worry about it? Bring lots of bobby pins, just in case. They fit easily into pockets. I carry some wherever I go. How about hats?
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: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens

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