3a help please

Hi all

I've spent days on this fantastic website and finally thought I had the routine figured out so jumped onto curlmart to order some product based on recommendations I had read.

Once I got there I became so confused!

I know that I need a leave in conditioner and a gel or mousse of some kind but where do the other products fit in? Sealers, moisturisers etc etc etc?

I am pretty sure my hair is 3a, it is dense, thick and porous (and coloured)... I have a co-wash, leave in conditioner and a gel (all Giovani - I like natural products).

What I want is to try some of the products the users here talk about. My hair gets a lot of frizz on top of my curls as soon as I start to scrunch it wet so I am obviously missing some vital ingredient. Picture below.

So my question is - what should I buy/try?
Also I am not sure about the final order, when or where these products should be applied in the routine. Is there one page that can answer all these questions?

Also can curls change direction halfway down?




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Here's a link that will help you with properties and understanding the ingredients you might like based on them. Curly Hair Basics | Live Curly Live Free By thick, do you mean coarse?? Best thing to do is look for others with similar hair properties and see what they use (in signature.) It's a good place to start.
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Thanks Kathymack!

Every time I think I have it sorted and head back to curlmart I get overwhelmed with all the products. Will do more reading

By thick I mean lots of hair and a little coarse.

Hyde downunder in NZ

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I would do some searches on the CurlTalk board and see if you can find a signature similar to your own hair properties. I did this when I first started reading here, and it at least gave me a starting point to work from. It is very overwhelming, but you will learn!

PS. I don't think Giovanni is all that natural. It has a preservative in it that I don't like that has a high toxicity rating. Not to discourage you from use, just as a heads up
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