Still here....

Current routine:

cowash with SN Tropical Coconut
RO with SN Tropical Coconut
LI use a quarter sized amount of SN Tropical Coconut scrunched into soaking wet hair
LALSG scrunched into soaking wet hair
Air Dry

I still lo poo once a week on Wednesdays usually with the Organix Tea Tree Shampoo. I can't wait till that crap is gone! It works fine, but I don't like that it has a silicone in it even tho it's water soluble.

My haircuct still sucks. I'm debating on a Deva Cut. I think I'm done with my current stylist tho. I will either get a Deva Cut or have the hairstylist that does the Deva Cuts do a regular haircut.

I still have my original bottle of Tresemee Naturals Conditioner and the low sulfate shampoo. I will save the low sulfate shampoo for my daughter or use it when I go to the hairstylist and need a sulfate shampoo to get rid of unknown/possible silicones.

Still have the same original bottle of the Loreal Cleansing Conditioner.

I haven't done a lot of product experimentation. Just don't have the money for it. My conditioners are VO5 Kiwi Lime Squeeze and SN Tropical Coconut. Perfectly happy with those.

I would really like some type of refresher spray, curl creme or something. I'd like something to use on 2nd day hair to define the curls, and tame the frizz. Also would like something to use once my hair is dry that will give a nice finish/frizz tamer. No idea what is CG friendly.

I was thinking of Shea Moisture's Hisbiscus and Coconut shine and hold spray, but everything I've read says people don't like it and it makes their hair sticky.
3A, Fine, Unsure of porosity
Curly Girl since 11/10/13 - Still figuring out what works best for my hair!
lopoo 1x per week with - Organix Tea Tree Mint Shampoo
Conditioners: Sauve Naturals Tropical Coconut
Gel: LA Looks Sports Gel
Curl Refresher - water. Still looking for something
PT: IAGirl's Protein Treatment