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caitlincurls 01-31-2014 12:41 PM

Finally have my curly hair back! 3B needing advice on products
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Sooo a short version of my story is that after 6 years getting the Yuko straightening on my hair and putting off the miserable transition process, I ended up finally deciding a year ago that I wanted my curly hair back.

One year later, I've finally cut off MOST of the straight and am back in action with my curls! I still have a few straight pieces in the front which are annoying, but other than that it's pretty much back to normal.

Got a WONDERFUL haircut from a curly-haired specialist, and I'm definitely growing to love my hair again. I figured I'd post here, though, because I can pretty safely say that I'm mostly clueless on products now since it's been so long since I've used them. I bought Devacurl One Condition, Ultra Defining Curling Gel, and Set it Free at the salon and that's essentially all I've been using. I also had a sample size of Ouidad 12 minute deep treatment which I used a few days ago and definitely helped my hair a TON, but I need a new deep treatment probably anyways since that one's about to run out.

If anyone has any good advice on products or any sort of tips at all (how to get second day hair would definitely be helpful because so far NO LUCK) I would really appreciate it!

I'm attaching a few pictures of my hair for ya. I think I'm a 3B? I used to be, at least, but maybe now I'm more of a 3A? I have no clue. Help!

DaniGirl88 01-31-2014 12:47 PM

I'd say you're more of a 3A, but I could be wrong.

As far as products, I really love Shea Moisture line and the As I Am Leave-In conditioner. My hair gets weighed down easily with too much product, so I tend to use the As I Am daily, along with the SM Smoothie or Milk. I don't like their gel so far. Hope the helps a little!

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