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So after years of wearing my hair short and hating it, I've decided to shuck standards of traditional masculinity (or whatever) and grow it long. The problem is, it seems like it's been the same length for about six months--it seems like it's just getting curlier and curlier rather than actually getting any longer. I think it's 3a or 3b--I can't quite tell. It doesn't really do spirals, just very tight s shapes, if anyone wiser can clarify (I'm not sure how much impact this will actually have on my life but it seems like a Thing To Know in curly world).

Anyway, I'm just wondering if this length vs. curl density thing is pretty normal, or if my hair has just reached some kind of plateau and I should resign myself to having hair that is always slightly above shoulder length.

I am attempting to attach/insert a picture of my actual human head, but I'm pretty bad at tech stuff, so we'll see how that goes. Oh, also, attached image is what it looks like if it's in a ponytail for a while while it's drying--it shrinks up a good two inches more otherwise! But I'm sure you all know all about *that*.
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It is completely normal. I am actually in the same boat with my hair just wanting to keep getting curlier and stay around my face. I haven't done any major hair cutting since November only light trims and it still looks like the same length, until I take a curl and stretch it out. Then it is an inch past my collar bone. I've read that it can take some time for curly hair to go from chin length to shoulder length and man oh man is that true. You just have to focus on keeping your hair as healthy as you can to get it there and tofurther. And of course have the patience of a saint.
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Patience is definetly key! I think its hard for curlies to see growth too since we lose so much length to the curl. When I started taking care of my hair(after a big chop) the curls got much tighter. It took a while to go from chin to shoulder for me too! But it is growing, slowly....but still growing!

Some people put clips(I think duckbill?) on specific sections of curls to help weigh them down while drying. This makes your hair look a little longer since the curls aren't as tight. I've never tried it but it might be something to look into!
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You can also stretch your hair at the roots with a blow dryer. Taren Guy on You Tube has a video that is a few years old that demonstrates the technique.

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Your hair is gorgeous!!

Sadly, curly hair is hard to "grow". I mean, it grows but the curls getting tighter make an illusion that it's not growing. Give it some time - probably lots of time. If you want it "longer", you can search YouTube for some stretching methods.
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