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Has anyone tried or heard of anyone using DevaCurl's "Heaven In Hair" deep conditioner as a leave-in or styler?

I ran across one commenter on Youtube that claims they do regularly. Normally, leaving deep conditioners on like that is frowned upon. But DevaCurl seems to encourage leaving their "One Conditioner" on as a leave-in, so maybe the same can be said of the "Heaven In Hair"? It's struck my interest but I don't want to come out with moisture overload either.

Can anyone enlighten me?

EDIT: Okay, I'm seeing several reviews on Amazon responding that it's best as a leave-in/styler. I would think that'd be a bad idea, but a few have been doing it for years and swear by it. Any experience, guys?
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I guess if your hair is really dry? I think it would be too much for my hair, but my hair is fine and thin and pretty much everything is too much for it.
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I guess it really depends on how much moisture you need and really how much of it you end up leaving in. I don't have heaven in hair, I want to get that eventually. However, I do often leave 50-70%ish of deva one condition in my hair quite often as my leave in. I really like the result it gives in conjunction with the ultra defining gel (sometimes i mix in the supercream). These are all very moisturizing so water is key for me. I use one condition as a deep treatment sometimes and that works great too. The only time it really doesn't work for me as a leave in is when the dews are very high. Then I have to go with something without the humectants. With thicker leave-ins, I end up adding more water and scrunching out the excess till I feel like my hair won't be weighed down.

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If there is one thing Ive learned in this journey, it's that not one single technique will work for everyone and that it takes a certain amount of trial and error before you find what works best for you. Once I found out what my hair type and texture was it was a little easier to limit the amount of product choices and techniques, but it was trial and error. And still is! I think you have to really like playing with hair to do this whole "natural curly hair" thing. Originally I did it to simplify my daily routine but now I'm totally into it! (And no... it hasnt shortened my routine whatsoever! Lol)
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I've only used it as a deep condish, and I do like it, but I've never tried it as a leave in. That being said, the person who gives my hair deva cuts said lots of people use it as a leave in.
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I have only used it as a deep conditioner, however I think your hair would benefit from using it as a leave in.
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I've used it just that way a couple times when my hair was really dry in the winter. It's too much for me otherwise. On dripping wet hair (3b, normal porosity, shoulder length) I put a dime sized blob thinned with some water. One mistake I make every so often is to overcondition so unless I'm obviously dried out I don't do this anymore. Try it and see what happens If your hair turns purple or goes straight, then "oops".

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