Hi naturally curlies!

So I'm still learning a lot about the CG method but I'd love to get started on the right track. I was hoping anyone with hair similar to mine could suggest some products I should try? ^_^

If I'm not mistaken my hair falls into the type 3 category. It definitely looks 3B and the description fits my hair. I notice I have a few 3A and 3C looking locks; is that normal? For my spring factor it's between 5 to 4 inches or a bit less. I think that's due to the fact my hair is very dry. Thankfully it doesn't break but it loses moisture very fast and unfortunately falls out quite a bit. The porosity of my hair is high, the density of my hair is medium and the cuticle thickness is medium too. The cuticles of my hair are raised since they feel very ridged and bumpy. Lastly, my hair isn't coloured, my area is always hot and humid (the dewpoints are always about 60F and above ) and I think I might be protein sensitive because a product I was using had traces of products like coconut, shea butter and so forth and I found it to be drying for my hair.

Maybe it's because a lot of the ingredients had stuff like silicones and so forth or maybe I didn't moisturize my hair since at the time I didn't really know about the CG method. I've chucked out all of the stuff that I had and badly want to start fresh but I'm still learning about the CG method and so I'd love for some awesome product recommendations to try ^_^;

If anyone can relate to my hair and the conditions I'd love some suggestions for what you're using so I can run to the closest store or order it online. Thank you in advance!

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