searching for my hair type sisters

Iíll be natural for 6 years in August, and Iíve noticed something with my hair type. The only person I have ever seen with this hair type (including in person, pictures, the internet, and social media) is my mom. Of course. Sometimes it can be discouraging because I get lost in the hype. The only natural hair that I see that gets boosted all over twitter and tumblr and everywhere else is that sleek, shiny natural hair. The natural hair with the magical edges that can lay right to sleep. The natural hair that is in its natural state, but looks slick and straight in a ponytail. Or I see the really kinky natural hair. I donít see much of the in between.

My natural does not lay sleek. My edges definitely donít do the magical laid look. My natural straight hair isnít flowy and shiny. When my hair is straight I CANNOT put any gel or edge control on it to make it slick or lay down my edges because my hair will revert. So i always have cowlicks everywhere when its straight. I donít know! Its strange.

I know there has to be some girls in the world with hair like me. The ďunderrepresentedĒ natural hair. We can share hair tips that do work for us. What doesnít work. Empower each other. There is strength in numbers!

I donít take pictures of just my hair so the pictures that are on the post are all selfies lol. I tried to include a range the states of my hair so I can as accurate as possible. Washed & detangled. Picked out puffs. A top puff. Tried to get a closer one of my edges. Straight hair. Straight hair after its been a few weeks after getting it pressed.

So if you see that we have similar hair, then post your pics sis!!!! I put the link in the post. hope it works. Letís talk.

pictures in order from L to R:

1: Washed & detangled
2: Curls detangled and product on it for a twist out
3: Picked out puffs
4:Top puff with how my edges look after I do them. after they reverted from the edge control & gel
5: How my hair looks dried& scarfed overnight when I tried the sleek bun
6: Day after being pressed
7: Freshly out the chair getting it pressed
8: The back of that same hairstyle 4 days later
9: Straight hair after it's been a while

I'm sorry that the picture is so small. Try to zoom if you can & if you need to. I was working for hours to get them on here without them being so huge. This was the only way I could get it on here in a cohesive manner lol.

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i think you need to have posted a certain number of posts before they let you post pics. don't know what the number is, maybe it's on the user cp page???
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Post in forum for type 4 hair! I think that's like 4b? 4a?
Hi skylarianna, Welcome to I think based on pic (2) you probably are a 3c, however, you might get more ideas if you post under the type 4 forum (pic (3) looks more 4a).

Also, I think your hair looks great in all those pictures, so whatever you are doing is working
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