Seeking Adrian Grenier hair product...

Male frizzyhead (2c/3a) looking for advise on a hair styling product. I am growing my hair out a bit and have reached the phase where my short hair styling product (D-fi D-struct by American Crew, I think) isn't holding my hair much at all and the dry frizz/curls are taking over.

I'm looking for a product that will mosturize, contain frizz and have a slight amount of hold. While my hair isn't quite at this length yet, I'd like to know what kind of product Adrian Grenier (from "Entourage") uses. I think that this type of product would do the trick for me.

I live in Hong Kong, so I likely won't be able to find an exact product. But I don't even know the basic product family--is it a grooming cream, a pomade, a butter, a gel, a molding mud???

Any feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated.
try to use a gel, a clear gel will help with frizz and shine. for frizz, you can also leave in a little of your conditioner under the gel.
do you still live in HK? I'm in shenzhen- did you ever find products there you liked?

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