Blue Magic Curl Activator

My Hair is somewhere inbetween 3b and 3c. I use blue magic curl activator in my hair, it looks amazing for the first day but after i sleep on it, it goes dry and a bit poofy. Would re applying this product in the morning help, or would I have to wet my hair and re apply.
P.S Finger Combing my hair when dry, it goes wildly poofy, if finger combing with this activator, will it make it what?
hi, im a 4a and i use softnfree curl activator. i usually spritz my hair with a spray bottle to dampen it in the morning and apply more activator if i need to. this keeps my hair nice and tame. but i can also apply more activator on my dry hair. its only about 4-6 in. long so it actually grows up and out right now. it does seem to look more frizzy when i don't dampen it but im ok with frizz.

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