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hi, i just found this website and am amazed to see that soo many women have curly woes just like me. my best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and i have been putting off getting a haircut for as long as possible seeing as NO stylist has EVER cut my hair well for my curls. if i want to flatten it out its fine but not for my curls. i have 3a type hair and its fine. i live i vancouver, BC, canada and there are no salons which offer exclusive cuts for curls (i am soo jelous they have them in the states!) and was wondering what i should tell my stylist --who cuts my hair then straightens it---- when i go for my cut. i highly doubt she knows anything about the deva cut, or the ouldad slicing and carving technique. any sugesstions as to what i should ask for. my hair is mid back, fine, and type 3a. thanks
There is a technique called "point cutting" which seems to be pretty familiar to many stylists that several people have liked, try the search function in the left corner of the screen (not the one on the right!) for the term and there should be some helpful info there
currently loving the deva line
If you click the "CurlScene" button on the top right of this page, you'll see another button for the Salon Finder. You might find a recommendation there.

If all else fails, keep your eye out for someone with curls like yours that look great, and ask where she gets it cut! Most women are very happy to share.

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