What is your biggest "issue"?

For me, the back underneath layer of my hair is where I need extra curl. I just spray Gelebration on there first, before adding my styling product. It's pretty easy to get it in the right area since it's a spray.
Clumping! I have these beautiful shiny well-clumped ringlets on top and on the left side of my head, then the rest of my head is covered in weird thin curls. And it happens almost every day, no matter what I do! I can't figure out how to fix it!
Originally Posted by sweetpeacali
Whee! I solved my climping problem (thanks to Munequita! I'm forever going to be in debt to her!)!

Now my biggest problem is halo frizz. It just keeps appearing, over and over and over again...
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Whee! I solved my climping problem
Originally Posted by sweetpeacali
:hyper:hyper.gif I am so happy for you Sweetp!
3a with 2c
I love Muñequita's hair. I have problems with it looking too wild sometimes, with the curls liking to separate and occasionally frizz. The AZ weather also does cut down on frizz. There are pics of me from when I visited a humid climate and my hair was a big puff. lol
3a/3b curly I am loving Aussie products right now! Using Aussie moist conditioner and Aussie gel+water.
The AZ weather also does cut down on frizz. There are pics of me from when I visited a humid climate and my hair was a big puff. lol
Originally Posted by desertcurly
sad20gif I miss AZ! That's where I lived before! I do miss the weather there because now here in TX my biggest problem is humidity!!!!! My hair looks so nice in the am but if I go out I always end up putting up my hair by the end of the day. Nothing can combat the humidity the entire day here!
3a with 2c
This is going to be so long and involved.....it won't hurt my feelings if you decided not to read it!

I'm having such a hard time figuring out how to lay my hair now that it's growing out. It's in such a transitional stage, I'm trying to grow out my layers, and I need a trim really bad. I used to wear my hair above my shoulders, and cut in medium layers making it incrediby full and round, w/ tons of height. Now that it's below my collarbone, the top layer rests over my ears to give me a bozo look, and the weight is flattening and straightening the top. I can't create that same volume at the top w/o overdoing it w/ the product, and if I try to enhance curl and get that 'big hair' the top falls by the end of the day, and just the ends are curly, which looks so trashy w/ all the product. I'm trying to stretch out the curls a bit @ the bottom until the layers even out, or can be trimmed a bit better. I've recently stopped using gel or mousse, and now use straightening and smoothing products to tame the curl a little bit.
My issues:

1) Hair is dry / damaged but easily weighed down. Have yet to find a great shampoo and conditioner, or necessary products.

2) Frizz! Need I say more?

3) Fragile / Unpredictable curls. You just never know what it's going to do.

4) Multiple textures. Curls, waves, and straight hair on the same head at the same time. Why can't my head just pick one?!

Unfortunately, I haven't found solutions to these problems...yet. I'm still holding out hope!
3A Top / 2B Body / Straight Underneath

May the Curl be with you!
1) frizz. arrrrrrrgh

2) top ramen curls. this is driving me mad! it didn't used to do this...
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