Getting my hair cut in 3 hours!

I just wanted to tell ya'll that I'm going to get my hair cut in 3 hours! I'm sooo excited b/c I haven't had my hair cut since December or January. The style I'm going for is like Summer's in The OC (for when it's straight). I think it should transition well for when I wear it curly (which is a LOT). It's basically just a long layered cut with swoopy side bangs. I would post a pic but I don't really know how.. If someone else does, help with that would be appreciated =) TIA

Edited b/c I cant type!
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Good luck, hope it turns out well
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that sounds great! summer's hair is beautiful, and the cut would probably look really good curly. long layers etc...
good luck, hope you love it!
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Mayim -- Yeah, it is pretty similar to that. Well I guess that actually is it since it's Rachel Bilson..

The cut looks good so far. It's straightened because I hate how my stylist does my hair curly, so I just always have her flatiron it, but I'm washing tomorrow and styling it curly.

I am worried about one thing though.. She used a razor to cut the angles in the front. I mean the kind of razor that makes that ripping sound as it cuts. I had my hair cut with one before and I didn't notice anything wrong then, but I know a lot of curlies have had reallllly bad experiences with it, so I'm kind of worried now.. I've been checking for split ends and haven't found any yet, so I'm just trying to keep my hopes up. We'll see....
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