What happened!

I got back from camp (the one some of you heard about (I wasnt alowed to bring gel so ihad pre camp issues)) and the board has changed when did this happen!?
it just happened on wednesday, so we're all still getting used to it too! but i think it's going to be a good change! people with similar hair can ask questions in their own spot, and they'll probably get answered instead of getting completely lost on the general board.
and it seems that the 3a board is the hip place to be!

so embrace the change with us!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....
I'm totally loving the new board! Don't be afraid to join the 3a cult, we're cool people. *come to us......*
I never heard about the camp. (i'm so out of it) how was it?
shoulder length 2Cmii
products: curl keeper, angell, redken fresh curls s&c

pw: "wavy" for NC, "i love u" for everything else

*avatar* adrian grenier is my hair idol, even though he's a guy.....hey, we're not sexist here!
I really like the new stuff on the board too. Especially the "3a room".

camp was fun but it was a total nature thing. They didn't want us to be....distracted? Also anything not COMPLETLY nature friendly was outlawed they say this included my gel. However I learned to waterski and windsurf and I got along just fine without my gel.

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