New Pics...if anyone is interested.

I actualy think I am more 4a than 3c.

I added new pics the the folder "Not So Big Chop" that shows my hair growth after 1 1/2 years natural.

Added new folder "Braids"

I hope you like
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered
I posted on your other thread but since you are here I will post again.

Beautiful hair.
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Very pretty hair!
Location: Georgia
Hey Frizzybarbie!

Congrats on the "Not so big chop". I just had one
too back in April. It took me under 2 years.

Your hair looks great! Doesn't it feel great
to be all natural?
3b/c CG routine
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4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered
I think you are a 4a, and your hair looks so healthy, and I just love the ponypuff!
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I think you hair looks good/healthy, and agree with everyone about the pony puff being fab. But what about braid outs and twist out styles ...... I'd love to see some pictures of those styles too

Also, it is 4a but seems to grow down which is great! How long do you think you'll go with it?
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Love your hair! When I transitioned, I just knew I was going to have 4a hair and was very upset when I did my BC and it wasn't. It's my favorite hair type! It looks lush and very healthy!
VERY THICK 3c/3b -Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap to Shampoo or Elucence Cond. daily/dt, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In to style.
Kinky 3C corkscrews with 4A patches.

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MOP Leave-In Conditioner (This is my new all time favorite.)
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your hair is sooo pretty, i love it. i like the pony puff, i'm almost there with my length!
Truly Aesthetic...mind, body and spirit
Gorgeous!!! I'll be so happy when I can do these styles. Grow hair grow!!!
1 yr 4 mths natural; type 4a CF iii

My hair pics!
BC: 8/6/05

curltopia, I have a folder titled braids that braid and twist pics.
4a pencil-sized corkscrews that are low porosity, fine, thick, & layered

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