Going to the desert for a week, any suggestions for 3C hair?

I'm going to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks, any suggestions to keep my hair from drying out? Should I even bother bringing my diffusor? The house we're staying in is air conditioned and has a pool, any suggestions to keep the chlorine from doing any damage?
try getting shea butter or a really good leave in condtioner to wear all day cause when my family went to nevada my hair was soooooo dry for the first few days but i just used some of my moms shea butter in my hair and it got alot better
i think i may have found my HG. Its suave firm control gel the biloge not off and john fridia curls and swirls i am sooooooooooo happy my search is over
Shea butter is definitely a key to surviving in the desert. Hair, skin, you name it. I live in the Phoenix area, and right now it's about 22% humidity (compared with 94 percent in NYC). I use Jessicurls Too Shea! and Kiss My Face Lotion with Lavender and Shea butter. Essentials for desert survival!

On CG routine since 11/01/04, 3C and the occasional 1A thrown in, just to make me crazy!


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