Can someone recomend a Cream Styling Product for me?

I've been using gel, but am interrested in a softer, less crunchy feel. I think I would like to try a cream styler & see how it does. Can you recomend a good one for me to try, either from a drug store, or Sally's?? I'm specifically looking for chunky, well defined curls, but without the crunch.

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Try Loreal's Nature's Therapy Curl Defining Cream. It only comes in a 6 oz tube and costs $7 but it is creamy. It's in an orange tube, I got it at Sally's.

I also liked the MOP leave-in that LipGlassHoney recommened. It's the thickest leave-in conditioner I've ever seen and my hair dries lovely with it! You can find Mordern Organic Products at Ulta or select Target stores. HTH!
I do agree about MOP leave in, it was so thick it reminded me of reg conditioner not a leave in. Its great. An option if you dont want crunch is you could apply oil before the gel, I still get well defined curls but dont have the crunch.

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suave creme conditoner. I like cocconut and citrus flavors.
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